The History of Flooring

Posted on July 27, 2016

Key Floors is one of the UK’s leading industrial and commercial flooring contractors. We are a well-established family business with over 30 years’ experience of successful flooring projects. However, the concept of “flooring” has actually been around for rather longer than that!

Prehistoric man is believed to have used the method of forming thread from twisted grass or hair. Evidence from recent excavations show that the shearing of sheep and goats, the spinning and weaving of the fibres obtained, was practised as early as 6000 BC! Before the improvement of weaving, the fibres were more than likely interlaced to produce a simple form of plaited basket-work matting.

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The first real carpets with pile surfaces were probably rough cured skins that early hunters laid on floors of their dwellings. Even today carpets still have some of the same flexible tough backing and upright pile used back then. Even smooth floorings can be traced back to the Late Bronze Age where water-worn pebbles were laid in a mosaic style.

We wonder what prehistoric man would think about our website and the varied portfolio of products that we have today! Luckily it’s available to you at the click of a button, so why not make use of it and get in touch with us to discuss any aspect of your commercial flooring needs!