About Us

Key Floors began its journey in 1982. It was founded by Keith Simmons, the father-in-law of our current Managing Director, Peter Kavanagh. Peter began his career at Key Floors as a fitter, and by 1987 had progressed to Managing Director of Key Floors Ltd. Since then, Key Floors has continued to expand and grow and now has the well-deserved reputation of a highly regarded, specialist commercial flooring contractor. We now have a much-valued team of experienced, committed and passionate staff, all of whom have played a part in developing the company to its current level of excellence.

At Key Floors we strive to maintain our strong family ethos at all levels of the company. We are proud of the fact that we have a close-knit staff team and that everyone – whether they have been with us for years or have recently joined as an apprentice – feels part of that team. We believe in giving our people responsibility to do a job and equipping them to do it well. Both employees and sub-contractors are well trained in all aspects of flooring, including health and safety and respect for the environment. We run a tight ship and treat people well.

Unsurprisingly, Key Floors has an unrivalled reputation for quality flooring. Our professionalism, reliability, and industry history makes us simply stand out from the crowd. You can read more about the full range of products and services that we offer elsewhere in this website: suffice it to say at this point that it is a matter of personal pride that so much of our flooring work comes as a result of referrals from satisfied customers.

Whatever type of commercial flooring you need – whether you’re looking for school floor contractors or experts in commercial vinyl flooring – Key Floors can help, and we’d be delighted to do so!